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New Christian school to open
Richmond: Private academy will serve preschool through 12th

Staff writer

At a glance


  • The Richmond Academy is a new, private Christian School.


  • Classes begin Aug. 18 and applications are being accepted.


  • For more information call (765) 962-7677 or go to
  • A new Christian school opening this fall is hoping to provide another educational opportunity for area families.

    The Richmond Academy is a private school that will serve preschool through grade 12.

    "Our goal is to offer an environment that is dedicated to nurturing and challenging the whole person - body, mind and spirit - to the glory of God," said headmaster S. Chad Ross.

    Ross has been working on the creation of the school for about a year. He said there is a growing need for Christian education. He's hoping to start the school year in August with about 20 students and five teachers.

    He now has three teachers and students are registered for kindergarten through grade 11. Ross said the more students the academy has, the more teachers it can hire.

    "There's a lot more potential and opportunity, the more students that get involved," he said.

    He said many parents seek alternatives to traditional education.

    "A lot of the people that are coming are a little bit discouraged with public education," he said.

    Richmond Academy is not affiliated with any church.

    Ross is in the process of finalizing a location for the school on the west side of the city.

    The academy is still accepting students' applications. Classes start Aug. 18.

    "We'll be enrolling through the summer," Ross said.

    The school also will serve home-school students by offering them extra-curricular activities as well as higher level math and science classes.

    "(Home school) parents feel like that's just a little bit over their heads, so we can help them out," he said.

    Ross, originally from Richmond and father of two, seeks donations for the school that he says will be community supported.

    He also said parents and community members can volunteer their time and talents to the school, "not just financial donations."

    Tuition fees range from $1,320 a year for pre-kindergarten classes to $2,640 for high school grades.

    Originally published Sunday, July 20, 2003

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