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Mellissa S. - I am very pleased with our experience at Richmond Academy. [Our daughter] has had some bad experiences in her early years of school and was nervous about returning to the "classroom." She came home within the first week in love with her classes and teachers! It has only continued to grow as she has been allowed to grow and be herself while searching her way with God. Thank you for following God's call.

Carol L. - Richmond Academy is a wonderful Christian learning environment for my daughters. Not only are they learning from and being challenged by the curriculum, they are being taught truth through God's word. I pray that Richmond Academy continues to grow so that my daughters are given a strong Christian education through all 12 years of their schooling.

Marcella R. - We believe RA was a blessing from above. We were looking for a new school. [Our son's] old school closed. Sure enough, one day we picked up the newspaper and there it was: Answer to prayer! Each person has a different set of needs. We feel that RA is helping us meet the needs of our child. We pray for and hope to help support each and everyone at Richmond Academy. Thank you.

Larry P. - Richmond Academy has been wonderful for our two kids, especially the one in kindergarten. He and his sister are learning so much, so fast, it has amazed us. We are so thankful they can learn their reading, writing and other skills and still have God at the center of it all while they are in their formative years. We believe they are getting equipped in every area to live a victorious, fruitful life. It's a blessing to be in on the beginning of something awesome!

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