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Thank you for your interest in advertising with Richmond Academy.

  • Sponsor our weekly Prowler updates.

  • Post an ad on our web site by the week.

  • Sponsor our sports rosters.

  • Sponsor our quarterly Triune newsletters.

  • Sponsor our year book.

The following is a list of criteria for you advertisements:

  1. We do not advertise companies promoting sex, violence or profanity. Our media is suitable for all ages.

  2. If submitting text, the ad should be no more than 50 words.

  3. If submitting a picture for the web, it should be a standard banner 120X60 in pixels and no larger than 10kb in size.

  4. Purchase your space:

Any donations given are greatly appreciated, however we ask for a minimum $10 for ads.
We are a non-profit organization.

You may make a donation to Richmond Academy by clicking the button below.

  1. Email with your date and your ad.

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