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Our Extension Program

HomeschoolThere are so many benefits to home school students that it would be difficult to mention them all; however, here are some of the most obvious:

  1. Home school students’ records and transcripts may transfer or be referred to when needed.

  2. Home school students may take a variety of tests, administered by Christians, in a Christian educational environment.

  3. Home school students may participate in activities and functions otherwise not available to them.

  4. Upon graduation, home school students may receive a valid diploma.

  5. Home school parents can receive counsel regarding curriculum selection.

  6. Home school students may attend select classes that may be difficult to teach at home.

  7. Home school parents can receive assistance when they encounter difficulties in teaching certain subjects.

  8. Home school students and parents can receive counsel concerning career preparation, college entrance requirements, and requirements necessary for high school graduation.

  9. Home school students may appear in the school yearbook.

  10. Home school students may participate in team sports.

 The following sections show a systematic process for enrolling home school students and providing services to them throughout their school career. In these sections, you will learn more about home school extension programs and their benefits for students, and their families.


With few exceptions, home school students, traditional school students, and their families will follow the same enrollment procedure. If someone needs the complete student file, this procedure will assure it is available. Exceptions may include medical forms or travel permission forms for home school students who will not be participating in any on-campus activities.

The school should receive all records from previous schools in order to determine a student’s appropriate grade level. Such records may not be available if parents teach a student at home. In such cases, the person responsible for enrollment at our school will work together with the parents, in order to determine his or her grade level. The parents can accomplish this in a variety of ways.

 Often home school parents keep “unofficial” records of courses their children have completed, as well as the grades they have earned. Home school parents may transfer this information to the official records of our school. If such information is not readily available, the school may provide diagnostic tests that will determine a student’s grade level. Determination of appropriate grade level, courses completed, and accumulation of earned school credits is especially important for high school students who plan to fulfill the requirements for high school graduation.


Our present tuition does not include books; however, it does include most services provided by our school. You may take advantage of several of these services. Whether or not you take advantage of services other than record maintenance is up to you.


Home school students who attend classes and events at our school are required to adhere to the same guidelines as our resident students. These guidelines include dress codes, attendance requirements, grade requirements, and behavioral standards.

Available to you:

  1. Selecting & Ordering Curriculum

  2. Home School Record Maintenance

  3. Team Sports

  4. Art & Music

  5. Academic Classes

  6. Various Testing

  7. Yearbook

  8. Special Activities and Events

  9. High School Graduation

  10. Much more...

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