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The Vision

From the Headmaster

 We are finishing our first fiscal quarter of Richmond Academy. This is quite an accomplishment and all glory is given to the Lord for great things He has done. It also could not be done without you. You have either helped to reaffirm the educational need in our community, helped meet the need through donations, or have decided that Richmond Academy is where you want your need met.

With all of this there is much gratitude form the children. Their lives are changing and as one parent put it, “My child is enjoying learning again. It has been so long since I have seen him this way.”

You may have noticed the name of our quarterly newsletter. Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” At Richmond Academy, we are dedicated to vision. Every quarter we will reemphasize our vision as it grows to meet the needs of the students. We do not want to see our children perish. Children who have been lost in the classroom, will be found at Richmond Academy. We know that every child is different and there are no formulas or rules that make education easy. We will meet the children where they are.

This promises to be an exciting year. The word from the Lord is that this is our “Foundation Year.” We look forward to laying the foundation with you.

-Dr. S. Chad Ross


Fall Campaign 

October starts our fall campaign for spring classes. Richmond Academy keeps open enrollment throughout the year based on space availability, but our vision is that God would make every provision for every family desiring a Christian education. We want to make ourselves ready by campaigning twice a year. Richmond Academy is independently governed, nondenominational, community supported and uses A Beka curriculum. We offer classes from k4 through 12th grades. Some may ask, “What is k4?” K4 is not just a preschool class, it is kindergarten for 4 year olds.

There is so much potential for families at Richmond Academy. Being a new school we can be very flexible in meeting the needs of students.


Internet Interaction

 We would like to take this time to reiterate our zeal for relationship and communication with the families of Richmond Academy. Our vision is to operate this school as a ministry to the community, not as a business. We are here for you and are interested in your thoughts. We would like to grow together and get to know one another. You may have noticed on our website that we have an interaction section. Feel free to post prayer requests, praise reports, needs, resources, etc. This section is our open forum online for communicating within our school as well as to others interested in Richmond Academy. Also, please always feel free to email any of the faculty with questions or concerns. We want to stay on top and we know that some things can not wait until Parent/Teacher conferences. Through communication, we will grow in relationship and personally know that we are truly meeting the needs of Richmond Academy families.


Fundraiser News

 We feel that now we can begin looking to Richmond Academy’s future. We have a vision and pray daily about the direction that God would lead us toward that vision being manifested. The Board of Directors has put together a packet of perpetual fundraisers. Box Tops for Education, Campbell’s Labels for Education, Tyson Chicken’s Project A+ and Kmart School Spirit cards take some remembering but they will certainly help our school receive funds to grow. Our plan is to maintain through tuition but to grow though fundraising. You may remember our “Triune Fund.” All fundraising income will go into this fund for future expansion of our school. At the end of the year, there will be a plaque made with all contributions and their giving level. Please share this information with family and friends. Together we can make progress towards our children’s future.


Goods and Services

 We are in need of the following goods:

  • Health aids

  • DVD Player

  • Typewriter

  • Projector Screen

  • Double Wide Filing Cabinet

  • Fold up cot

  • K-12 Educational Videos


If you can help in any way, please contact the main office.

Do you have a gift or talent that you would like to share with the children? Please contact us about that as well. We are always looking for volunteers to enhance our academic programs.


Richmond Academy Parents Association

 The purpose of the Richmond Academy Parents Association (RAPA) is to assist the school and the headmaster in bringing about spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth in our children.

Membership dues are $15.00 annually per family. Any person having a direct interest in Richmond Academy is eligible for membership.

The board of RAPA consists of no more than 21 members, each serving a three-year term. The board helps coordinate such projects as fundraisers, grade mothers, parents’ night, athletic awards, academic awards, sports season tickets, athletic concessions and many other school related programs. Suggestions and volunteers are definitely welcomed and should be directed to any RAPA board member.

If you would like to become a RAPA member, please contact the main office.


From the Student’s Desk

 “Gunt Hurry up Here it comes!” Danny screamed from the roof of their two-story house. Gunther Wiliker, 17, jumped from the bed of his ford pickup and started up the stairs. Danny hollered again but he couldn’t understand what she said. “What?” He yelled but almost fell over Danny as she jumped the fence running into the front yard. “Danny what are you doing?” “Never mind Gunt just follow me!” Without question Gunt turned and followed his sister down the street of their quiet neighborhood. He was used to her crazy sporadic ideas but didn’t mind them much. She jogged softly in her 5’2 standpoint; her brown hair followed her lead as it hung lightly down her back. Danny rounded a corner just as Gunt saw what she was after.... The ice cream truck had just turned the opposite corner and was headed straight for them. Gunt knew that after growing up in this tiny neighborhood her entire life his sister knew almost perfectly when and where the ice cream truck would be at exactly the right time. He loved her more than she would ever understand. She had dealt with almost nothing through her sixteen years but for that he was thankful. They reached the ice cream truck and as usual she fiddled for her duct tape wallet. She paid for his rocket ship Popsicle and they started home. They hadn’t even reached the end of the street when he heard a familiar voice. “Why can’t you just leave me alone!” He knew his walk home would be alone, T his sisters best friend had just walked out the door. “What now?” Gunt was tired from working all day on his truck.. “Looks like they’re fighting again. I wish they would just stop!” Danny sighed. Gunt couldn’t help but laugh. “What’s so funny?” “Well it’s times like these I almost wish that you had something to deal with.” He spoke quietly so he wouldn’t make her mad. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Danny snapped. “Your entire life you have been sheltered. You’ve gotten good grades, you’re in great shape, you’re always happy. I just...” Before he could finish T ran passed them without even looking back. T was pretty. To Gunt she was a lot more than pretty, her blue eyes and black hair was more beautiful than anything he’d ever seen. Of course Gunt would never share that with anyone. Her father was a recovered alcoholic but sometimes he still slipped. This was one of those times. T was strong though, unlike any other girl she didn’t let it affect her. She carried herself independently with a snappy smile. He knew he’d never have a chance. Their group was small but everyone liked it that way. Scotch was Danny’s best friend. He played bass and was a lot more like her than she would care to admit. His sandy blonde hair and freckles made the fact that he was punk even more noticeable, but just like Danny he was known for far more than the obvious. Gunt wouldn’t have been surprised if they had dated before. They were perfect for each other. Yeah but sometimes perfect doesn’t always fit.

That’s just life. The life of G. Wilikers.

-Andrea Stephens

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