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The Prowler

Monday, September 22, 2003

And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.Matt. 5:41 (NKJV)

Calendar News

September        22        School Pictures

                        29        6 Week Reports - Lower School

October           1          Tuition Due

                        10        Grandparents Day (1/2 day for students)

                        12        Ethan Price’s Birthday

                        16        1/2 Day for Students (no K4/K5) - 9 Week Reports - Upper  School

                        17        1/2 Day for Students (no K4/K5) - Parent/Teacher Conferences - All Grades

                        28        Ben Hancock’s Birthday

                        30        Orchard Field Trip

From the Headmaster

We are passionate about communication at Richmond Academy. We know how vitally important it is for you to be informed of what is going on with your child in class. We have attempted to communicate to you through personal letters attached to the prowler each week but have found that this has been less efficient than we had hoped. Today, your child in grades 1 through 12 was given a Student Planner. Each day, your child’s teacher will give you information that you needed to know regarding, tests, quizzes, homework, projects, etc. Also, please feel free to communicate to your teacher as well through this planner. We feel that this will better enhance your child’s academic quality by keeping you better informed.

-Dr. Ross

Food and Drinks

If your child brings food for lunch needing to be heated, please send a note with microwave instructions. Your child’s teacher will heat their food. Please send drinks that do not need to be refrigerated. The students drinks will stay cold in an insulated thermos.

Healthy Choices

Please make sure to include healthy snacks for your child. Please refrain from sending soft drinks for your child to drink. They may bring in a soft drink  on Fridays, if they want.

Student Planners

This will be the last week that the teachers include a letter in The Prowler. Starting today, your child will be bringing home a student planner that will include information about homework and tests. The teachers will make sure that the planners are filled out with the required information. The teacher will sign the planner and the parents are responsible to make sure that the planner is returned, the next day, signed. Any questions, please contact your child’s teacher for further information.


The students will be going to see A Christmas Carol, on November 21st. The price is $4.55 per student and adult. Parents are welcome to attend, as well. Please fill out the attached form and return with payment.  The deadline for payment is October 3rd. 

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day will be Friday, October 10th. Invitations are being sent home today, for your child to mail to their Grandparents or the person who will be attending.

 Fundraiser Information

Please turn in  Box Top Labels, Campbell’s Soup Labels and Tyson Project A+ as you collect them. Thank you for supporting your school!

Hot Lunch

We will be offering optional, hot lunches on Fridays. Attached is the menu and prices for this week. Please fill out the form and return with payment no later than Thursday.


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