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7 Seventh Grade


Capitalization rules
Punctuation rules
Kinds of sentences and diagramming
Eight parts of speech and their uses
Diagramming eight parts of speech
Sentence structure

The writing process
The library
  Book reports
Research paper
Writing style
Letter writing

Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry

Vocabulary lessons
Weekly spelling lessons
Eight poems memorized

Reading for enjoyment stories and poems by such authors as Frost, Dickinson, Kipling, Bunyan, Alcott, Luther, Dickens, Defoe

History and

  The Beginning
From Sumer to Canaan
Down to Egypt
Israel and Its Land
According to His Will
Greece: A Drama in Two Acts
Rome before Christ
Rome after Christ
Early Church History
Islam versus Christendom
From Empire to Feudalism
An Age of Darkness
The Protestant Reformation
Post-Reformation Europe
  The English Nation
An Age of Exploration
The United States
France in the Modern Age
Science & Industry in the Modern Age
The New World of Classics
The British Empire
World War I and the Rise of Communism
Before and During World War II
The Cold War Era
Era of Change
Eastern Hemisphere Geography
Parliamentary procedure
Current events


  Invitation to Science
Plants: Provision for Life
Your Wonderful Body
Introduction to Physical Science
The Amazing Atmosphere
  Knowing the Weather
The Science of Classification
Through the Microscope
Science and Creation
Insects and Other Arthropods


  The New You: Social and Mental Health
Personal Appearance: An Expression of the Real You
  Drug Abuse: It’s Deadly
Spiritual Fitness: It’s Your Choice

Sex Education
from the Bible

Dating and marriage
Sins such as adultery, fornication, and homosexuality


  Maintaining skills in fundamental operations (see grades 4–6)
Fractions and decimals
Problem-solving strategies
Ratio and proportion
Application of percent
Personal finances
Metric system

  Basic geometric concepts
Development and use of formulas
Reading and constructing graphs
Introduction to statistics
Introduction to algebra
Negative numbers
Powers and roots
Time zones, latitude, and longitude
Introduction to plane and solid geometry
Pythagorean rule
Sine, cosine, tangent


  Study series: Exodus, Life of Christ
(includes memory verses and hymns)

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