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12 Twelfth Grade


Review of grammar, the sentence, and mechanics
Dictionary skills
Diction and usage
Library skills

Paragraph, Theme, Outline, Paraphrase, Précis, Exposition, Classification, Essay, Description, Character sketch, Research paper, Book reports, Book review, and Letters

Vocabulary, Poetry

Vocabulary lessons
Ten poems memorized
  English Literature
Volume I
Writers and works from the followings periods:
Anglo-Saxon, Medieval, Elizabethan, and Puritan
Selections from
Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, and
Paradise Lost
Complete play:
Complete novel:
Pilgrim’s Progress

Volume II

Writers and works from the Eighteenth Century,
Romantic Period, Victorian Age, and Twentieth Century
Authors such as Wordsworth, Scott, Coleridge, Burns, Tennyson
Condensed novel:
Robinson Crusoe (includes
conversion experience)


  Foundations of the American Republic
America: A Unique Nation
Government under God
The Shaping of the American Republic

Our Constitutional Republic
The Constitution
The Legislative Branch: Congress
The Executive Branch: The Presidency and the Bureaucracy
  The Judicial Branch: The Supreme Court
The Bill of Rights

Our Federal Republic

State Government
Local Government
American Democracy in Action
Current events


  Everybody’s Economics
Economists and Economic Laws
Factors of Production
Laws of Supply and Demand
Productive Market Economy
Good That Competition Does
Efficiency of Production
  Why Everybody Needs to Save
What Money Is Good For
Government and the Economy
Successes and Difficulties in the Market Economy
Problems with the Command Economy
A Look at the Global Economy
A Cheerful View of Our Economic Future


  Basic Concepts
Matter and Energy
Mathematics of Physics

Three States of Matter
Liquid, Gaseous, Solid


Velocity and Acceleration
Forces in Nature, Concurrent Forces
Motion in Two Dimensions
Work and Machines
Energy and Momentum
Rotary Motion, Gravitation


Laws of Thermodynamics
  Wave Phenomena
Waves, Sounds, Music


Nature of Light
Reflection of Light
Refraction of Light
Wave Optics

Electricity and Magnetism
Electrostatics, Magnetism
Current Generation, Ohm’s Law
Load Characteristics
Electrical Devices

Modern Physics

Quantum Theory
Special Relativity
Light in Modern Technology


  Trigonometry with Tables
(traditional approach)

Plane Trigonometry

Functions of an Acute Angle; Solution of Right Triangles
Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle
Radian Measure; Mil Measure
Line Values and Graphs of Functions
Fundamental Relations
Functions of Two Angles
Oblique Triangles
  Analytical Geometry
Graphs of Functions
Fundamental Formulas
Straight Line
Polar Coordinates
Conic Sections
General Equation of the Second Degree in x and y
Miscellaneous Curves
Curves Representing Empirical Data
Coordinates in Space
Cylindrical, Spherical, and Polar Coordinates



Everyday Speech

The Place of Speech in Society
Everyday Conversation
Special Types of Conversation
Group Discussion
Parliamentary Procedure



Talking with the Body
Interpreting Monologues
Reading with Meaning
Our American Pronunciation
Interpreting Declamations and Poetry
Extemporaneous Devotionals


Spanish 2
French 2

Cultural readings
Stories from the life of Christ (a witnessing tool)


  Study series: Genesis—First Things Book of the Revelation and Church History
(includes memory verses and hymns)

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